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If you or any of your clients have been searching for that perfect rug to match in with a Sofa, flooring and other soft furnishings, then look no further.
With our custom made rugs you have complete choice over how your finished rug will look.
You choose the design, pick the colours and tell us the exact size you require for your completely unique rug.

Our online design tool gives you the freedom to experiment in order to create your perfect rug. 
We have over 100 designs and a myriad of colours. You can choose from our heritage 70 collection or custom 1200.
If you wish to let us have your own design or pantone colours to manipulate into your perfect rug then please get in touch.
All our rugs are made from 100% first choice wool with a weight of approximately 3.25 KG per M2 and a pile height of 15 mm. We use only the best quality Swiss aniline dyes ensuring you get the sharpest and most consistent colours every time.
You can customise your rug further still by adding silk touch highlights and hand carving for extra definition.

Simply click the 'Design Your Rug' link on our website, which will take you directly to our design page where you can  start to build  your perfect rug. The clever software will create you a visual in the perfect size for your room.

Please don`t think your rug will cost the earth, it will not. Simply fill out the order sheet on our web site for an instant price. As an idea a rug sized 150 x 235, approx 8` x 5` would cost under £700.

From placing your order with us we aim to deliver to you within 6 / 8 weeks.

In summarising we can supply you a rug which will fit your room perfectly in exceptional quality
and exactly how you want it giving you years of pleasure.


We are based in Yorkshire and supply beautiful custom made rugs tailored to your exact requirements hand made in India by artisan weavers in 100% wool

What we do

Our story


We have been involved in the rug industry for over fifteen years, supplying rugs to many of the UK’s leading retailers.


We  source from all over the world including countries such as China, Turkey and India.


We were always getting asked by friends and family if we could supply them with a specific rug.  They would go into a high street retailer such as John Lewis and see a rug in the colours they wanted but the size wasn't right, or they saw a rug with a suitable design but the colours weren't quite right. It's impossible for a retailer to hold enough rug stock to please every customer.


On my travels  I found a small firm of artisan weavers who were able to make any rug  in 100% wool on a piece by piece basis - problem solved! If my friends and family wanted a one off rug then there is no reason why you would not want one as well!


Identifying a real opportunity we searched out a company who could offer us the software that gives you, the customer, the ability to design your rug online. By clicking on designs and dragging and dropping colours you can quickly find the best rug for your room in the exact size required before it is actually woven.


Once you have confirmed the design, colours and size you will instantly see the price so you can see the total cost including VAT and delivery.


Simply click to send it to us, we will then arrange to take payment, put the rug straight into production and your unique rug will be delivered to you in around 7/8 weeks.

Our story

The design tool is very easy to operate but here are a few pointers
to help. You smoothly navigate your way to your perfect rug.

Start designing your rug


Click on search designs to view a list of all the rugs instead of category by category.


Hover over a colour on the main image and left click to identify which colour it is.

Click on tools and then Auto Recolour to randomly change the colours in the chosen design.

To change a colour left click on the colour on the right

hand side to bring up a colour chart and then select the replacement colour.

Left click on Carving to see the rug with the carving highlighted.

You can save an image, add a favourite or send us an order direct.

If unsure about anything just phone or mail us for advice.

Design you rug



Where is my rug made:

All our rugs are hand made in India by Artisan weavers from 100% wool.

These are highly skilled craftsmen with many years experience.


How long does each rug take to make:

Your rug will take approximately 6/8 weeks to make.


What dyes are used in the production:

We use only the very best Swiss Analine dyes ensuring you get the best colour shading every time.


Will my Rug look exactly the same as it does on your website:

As each rug is handmade there may be very slight variations but you should

expect that what you see is what you get.


What about V.A.T and Delivery:

All our prices include delivery to any mainland U.K address and are exclusive of VAT.

Returns and cancellation:

As your rug is custom made for you we are not able to accept returns or cancellations once your rug is in production.


Can I choose a design not on your website:

Yes you can choose any design in any size, simply contact us to arrange.


What is the technical specification of your rugs:

Our rugs are made from 100% first choice wool with a high quality cotton backing.  The weight of the rug is approximately 3.25kg m² with approximately 15mm pile height.  All rugs are overlocked on all four sides.


Do you offer any optional extras:

Yes we do, for a small increase in cost we can add some silk highlights to your rug and we can also accentuate the design with hand carving.



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